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The CaPP Institute™

Certified Coach Training

The Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute provides practical, research-based training, coaching, and personal development services that help people thrive in life and work.

Step 1

ATTEND and graduate from one of CaPP Institute's spring, summer, or fall Coach Training Intensives (CTI).

Step 2

ENROLL in the six-month Certified Personal & Executive Coach (CPEC) program taught completely online.

Step 3

COMPLETE the six-month online program and all requirements to obtain your designation as CPEC.

Coach Training Intensive
Certified Personal Executive Coach

Coach Training Intensive

The Coach Training Intensive introduces coaches to key principles from the pioneering field of positive psychology. We help coaches incorporate this knowledge into their coaching practice for more effective results. Our program is approved for Continuing Coaching Education units (CCE) through the International Coach Federation. Register for the upcoming Coach Training Intensive.

Certified Personal & Executive Coach Program

Master the art of effective coaching, gain powerful teaching tools and learn proven techniques backed by rigorous psychological and behavioral research. This is a coach certification program like no other! This 60-hour coach training program will lead to your designation as a Certified Personal and Executive Coach, granted by The CaPP Institute™. You must complete the Coach Training Intensive as a prerequisite before enrolling in our 6-month CPEC program. Register for the upcoming CPEC course and receive your certification.

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What are our graduates saying about
The CaPP™ Institute?

“I received my coaching certification from the CaPP Institute™. Do I recommend it? 100%! Is it challenging? 100%! Is it worth it? I exceeded the cost of my tuition in earnings before I even graduated. The research-based techniques I learned, confidence I gained, and business development components were a winning combination. Valorie Burton’s organization delivers with excellence, integrity, and deep commitment to helping people reach their potential.”    

Genette Howard, Author & Co-Pastor, CPEC

“This coaching model is transformational. Valorie is one of the most inspirational leaders I know. I'm eternally grateful for the advice and teaching on positive psychology and coaching Valorie has provided. Her passion, love, and joy is a gift and is certainly reflected in this program. I met such like-minded people and was able to get clarity on my life goals. I loved the whole team of trainers and staff and they are all an asset. ”    

– Ms. Caroline Johnston, MBA

“This training experience was one of the best I've ever had – and I've had plenty! Thank you for the talent, knowledge, and genuine generosity shown to all of us. I've found my tribe! Forever appreciated!”    

Ericka Reid, Ph.D., M.Ed Science Education & Diversity Outreach Specialist

“This is designed to work for both beginners and professionals. All you need is the presence of mind, a desire to learn and personal motivation.”

     – Timothy Blake, Director, Positive Consultancy Ltd.

“I would recommend the Coach Training Intensive for someone who is already coaching… for people thinking about coaching as a way to test the waters as to whether this is really their calling… and someone like myself who at this point isn’t considering it professionally, but know that those [coaching] skill sets are used day to day as I work with other leaders in my organization.”

     – Christine JohnsonEntrepreneur

“The CTI program is truly phenomenal and transformative. It equips you with practical and applicable tools to bring dreams and business to life. The coaching labs – being a coach as well as a client broadened the whole experience and deepened the appreciation for the process. It facilitates the building of strong relationships, life long friendships, and partners. The value of this program cannot be viewed in dollars.”

     – Dionne Moore, MBA. Independent Coach

“This [Coach Training Intensive] wasn’t an expense, but an investment. It’s one of the best investments I’ve made in my personal and professional life. If you’re looking to gain a framework around coaching and learn about positive psychology, this is the place to be.”

     – Jermaine Davis, Educator

“I came all the way from England and it was really worth coming. I immensely enjoyed this training. I’ve already worked as a coach and as a counselor, but this one was about the aspect of positive psychology which I really enjoyed.”

     – Brigitte Niblet, Business Executive, London U.K.

“This intensive was amazing. Not only am I better equipped to coach others, but I am also a better mother, wife, friend, and COACH because of this training.”

     – Deborah H. Dobbins, LPC, M.Ed.

“If you’re interested in coaching, come to the Coach Training Intensive. It was a powerful weekend.”

     – Dr. Quienton L. Nichols, Pastor and Clinical Therapist

“CTI was an amazing, life-changing experience! I was stuck in a few personal areas, and through the process of learning how to coach others, I found the key to moving my own goals forward. Now, I feel prepared and ready to walk the talk, so I can coach other individuals and organizations to reach their goals!”

     – Dr. Amy Blakey, Ed.D, Educational Executive Coach