Advanced Professional Coach (APC) Program

Pioneer Cohort 2024

APC Program Overview

What is the core objective of the APC program?

Over the years, many of our coaches have expressed a desire for more training with the CaPP Institute™ due to their positive experiences with the CPEC program and their ambition to advance their coaching credentials. To support your development and vision as an exceptional coach, we have developed the Advanced Professional Coach (APC) Program. This program creates a pathway to 125+ coaching education hours, offering advanced training and tools.

The APC program allows you to hone your coaching skills further and complete your education at a level that prepares you to pursue additional coaching credentials with the ICF. Our courses align with ICF requirements, so you can use these training hours to apply for your next-level credential. Completing this program will lead to a new and higher certification as an Advanced Professional Coach. This APC designation reflects the highest certification offered by the CaPP Institute™, indicating a level of professionalism and mastery that sets an unmatched standard in the industry.

We are excited about this offering and what it means for you as a coach. This program provides a path to an even higher level of training and excellence from the CaPP Institute™. If you share our passion for coaching and excellence, we know you will cherish being part of this pioneering cohort.

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Designed For CPEC Graduates

This initial cohort is exclusively for alumni of CaPP Institute’s CPEC program.

This unique, evidence-based coaching education program is designed for Certified Personal and Executive Coaches and those with 60 or more coach training hours. We recognize your understanding of the power of coaching and your passion for it. You might even be considering advancing your coaching education and credentials. The APC program builds upon your development in CPEC and is the next step for graduates to continue their coaching certification.

Be A Part Of This Pioneering Cohort

APC Curriculum

Like all CaPP Institute™ programs, the APC curriculum is rooted in positive psychology and evidence-based research. It includes specific how-to’s for marketing your services at a higher level and broadens your knowledge of coaching marketplace opportunities. Importantly, the APC program will elevate your personal growth and development, helping you close growth gaps that can hinder progress and exemplify the personal development expected at the mastery level. The program aims to teach what is needed to coach at this level.

Who is the ideal participant for this program?

Coaches who desire to apply for the next level of ICF credential.

Coaches who want to deepen and expand their coaching skills and value a research-based approach to coaching.

Coaches who want to know what it really takes to become a masterful coach.

Coaches who have successfully completed both Level 1 CaPP Institute™ prerequisite programs: CTI and CPEC.

What To Expect

structure & learning outcomes

The APC program offers classes in strategically selected categories to help coaches close the gap between proficiency and mastery. This includes success in the coaching business and exceptional personal growth that reflects a coaching mindset. These uniquely curated classes teach coaches the distinctions and skills that move professional coaches from proficiency to mastery. This includes both lecture and interactive observation, evaluation, and feedback labs.

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Courses ensure coaches can demonstrate masterful knowledge of Core Coaching Competencies and their application to real-life scenarios. Some classes focus on skill sets for leadership and team coaching. We also included business-focused courses that demystify the business of profitable coaching by revealing:


August 26th


Mondays & Wednesdays


12pm ET OR 7pm ET


September 2024 – March 2025

Registration And Pricing Information

Be part of our pioneering cohort and take your coaching to the next level. Choose your registration option below.

APC Program

This option is for those interested in the Advanced Professional Coach program and who have completed both CTI & CPEC. This one-time payment of $3,995 secures your seat in the six-month online program that begins in September 2024.

  • Full Price: $3,995

APC + MCE Bundle

This option is for those interested in the Advanced Professional Coach program and Mentor Coaching who have completed both CTI & CPEC. This bundled one-time payment of $5,790 secures your seat in the six-month online program that begins in September 2024.

  • Full Price: $5,790

For questions and training information please contact:

Program Manager – Alexis Murray

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