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Summer Training Dates: June 16-18, 2018

CTI and CPEC Combo

Register for the in-person 3-Day Coach Training Intensive and 6-month online Certified Personal and Executive Coaching (CPEC) Program together and save money through our combo package. CPEC is our coaching certification program for graduates of CTI.

 Full Price: $4,010.50
Sale Price: $3,636.75

3-Day Coach Training Intensive

The Coach Training Intensive includes two days of coaching and positive psychology training and a third day Business Development Workshop to create your plan to grow highly profitable business.

 Full Price: $1,495.00 
Sale Price: $1,121.25

2-Day Coach Training Intensive

The 2-day Coach Training Intensive option includes two days of training without the powerful Business Development Workshop for those who want to grow highly profitable business.

 Full Price $1,195.00 
Sale Price: $896.25