Master the art of effective coaching, gain powerful teaching tools and learn proven techniques, backed by rigorous psychological and behavioral research. This is a coach certification program like no other! Successful completion of this 60-hour coach training program will lead to your designation as a Certified Personal and Executive Coach (CPEC), granted by The CaPP Institute™.

Coaching Labs

Core Competencies Coaching Lab I

The Core Competencies I coaching lab focuses on using the foundational skills deemed by the International Coach Federation as the most important skills for professional coaches. This course will review the first two categories of ICF Core Competencies, Setting the Foundation and Co-Creating the Relationship. Students will engage in live coaching and learning through observation, and “coach-the-coach” methods.

Core Competencies Coaching Lab II

The Core Competencies II coaching lab focuses on using the foundational skills deemed by the International Coach Federation as the most important skills for professional coaches. This course will review the third category of ICF Core Competencies, Communicating Effectively. Building the skills of active listening, powerful questioning, and direct communication, students will engage in live coaching and learning through observation, and “coach-the-coach” methods.

Core Competencies Coaching Lab III

The Core Competencies III coaching lab focuses on using the foundational skills deemed by the International Coach Federation as the most important skills for professional coaches. This course will review the fourth category of ICF Core Competencies, Facilitating Learning and Results. Building the skills of creating awareness, designing actions, planning, and goal setting, and managing progress, students will engage in live coaching and learning through observation, and “coach-the-coach” methods.

Intuition and Language IV

Intuition and language are two of the primary tools highly effective coaches use to communicate effectively with clients. This coaching lab will focus on how to tap into your intuition when coaching clients. You will also learn the nuances of language and how to use language to increase your effectiveness as a coach, including a discussion and practice of tone, word choice, silence, empathy, and metaphors.

Creating Breakthroughs V

Clients often find themselves stuck and unable to pinpoint why. Creating Breakthroughs is a coaching lab that provides both knowledge and practice in the art of coaching the essence of who a person is, which is a catalyst for uncovering and overcoming blocks on the path to their vision. You will learn to detect and melt “icebergs” that block progress and help clients become more self-aware, so they can intentionally create more productive thought patterns.

Positive Psychology Labs

Goal Setters and Goal Getters: The Art and Science of Setting and Reaching Meaningful Goals

How do you set goals that set you up for success? What do you do when a strategy doesn’t seem to be working? Who is most likely to achieve their goals? What are the most common mistakes and myths that sabotage your goals? These questions and more will be answered in Goal Setters and Goal Getters. As a coach, one of your most important deliverables is helping clients reach their goals effectively, efficiently and more quickly than they would without a coach. It is imperative that you understand the research and practical approaches to goal setting and goal getting that will empower you and your clients to thrive.

Happiness Habits: Busting the Myths and Learning the Practical, Everyday Habits of Joy, Fulfillment, and Meaning

While positive psychology is more than the study of happiness, it can be said that every other subject within the field contributes to happiness and well-being. This course will serve as a foundation for understanding the domains of happiness and well-being and how to incorporate them into your own life to enhance your happiness. This course will also give you practical strategies for helping your clients build greater happiness and well-being in their lives. Based on solid research from renowned researchers from around the world, you do not want to miss this foundational positive psychology course.

Strengths Builder: Identifying and Tapping Strengths in Yourself and Others

When we use our strengths, success becomes easier. As a coach, an important part of your job is helping clients achieve higher levels of success – faster and easier than they would without you. You’ve taken the VIA Character Strengths survey and you know your top five signature strengths. You may be working with clients who have taken the VIA as well. How do you begin to use your strengths in greater ways to accelerate your progress and even overcome challenges? This course will explore all aspects of strengths – what they are, how to use them to your best advantage, and how to spot and celebrate them in others.

The Brilliance of Resilience: How to bounce back, alleviate stress and navigate the challenges of life

Why is it that some people are able to navigate the setbacks and unexpected turns of life while others never bounce back? Obstacles, disappointments, setbacks and even tragedy are a part of life. Learning the skills to be resilient in the face of them is essential. This fast-paced course teaches you the key, research-based concepts, and skills you can use to be resilient in work and life and to coach your clients to do the same. Resilient people think differently. Learn to notice self-sabotaging patterns and thinking traps, and adapt the thinking style that will ensure success in no matter what challenge you or your clients face.

Business Smarts and
Marketing Power Hour Labs

Business Smarts 1: Coaching Practice Foundation and Business Development

Coaching Practice Foundation is the first of the Business Smarts courses. In this course, you will learn how to set up a highly profitable practice, create and customize your welcome packet and toolkit, establish fees and services, set up a system for capturing contacts, and identify your niche audience.

Business Smarts 2: Biz Fit

There are five essential building blocks to effectively create and operate a successful practice. As you prepare to build your practice, this one-hour session walks you through these essential dynamics that propel your business. Even if you have already begun coaching, this course allows you to revamp your blueprint for a more successful and profitable business.

Business Smarts 3: Build Your Brand!

What’s your brand? Do you know? Every highly successful coach is persistent about developing and sustaining a brand that resonates with their core audience and wins clients consistently. This course will teach you the essential elements you must incorporate to build your brand and ultimately your coach practice.

Website WOW! 6 Steps to Land Clients, Make Money, and Save Time

This one-hour power session will give you a must-have checklist of everything a highly-profitable coach needs of his or her website. This session is practical, hands-on and you’ll walk away with the tools and knowledge to create a marketing hub for your business on the web. Even if you already completed your website, this session will give you the information you need to make tweaks and adjustments to maximize your presence and the impact on every visitor to your website.

Accelerate Your Marketing: How to Create Synergy and Leverage Relationship to Multiply Your Marketing Efforts

One of the key building blocks of business development is Synergy. Coaches who catapult their businesses to the next level don’t go it alone. They partner, collaborate and leverage relationships to accelerate growth. This session will give you an easy-to-follow plan of action to create synergy in your business and build relationships that bring you value and allow you to provide value. Come ready to learn and grow your coaching practice.

Sustainable Strategy for Long-term Coaching Success

Sustaining and building your success as a coach is about more than landing several clients this month or next. It is about building a business with a pipeline of prospective opportunities. As you prepare to develop a long-term career, this one-hour power session will give you a specific set of strategies that will fill your pipeline, and more importantly, keep it full as long you want to keep coaching.

Essentials of Corporate/Organizational Coaching

The Essentials of Corporate/Organizational Coaching course equips coaches with the framework, insights, and resources often required to attract and support corporate/organizational clients. Coaching in this target market is commonly used to help leaders and teams develop in order to drive the organization’s performance and growth. You will gain knowledge about the business development process — from identifying your target market to the proposal process. Other topics covered include coaching tools, financial and legal considerations, and assessment.

Graduation Requirements

✓ Coaching Training Intensive completion (16-22 hours)

✓ Minimum 44 hours of CPEC coursework

✓ Two positive references from clients

✓ Proof of a minimum of 50 client coaching hours

✓ Successful demonstration of key business development concepts

✓ Successfully complete the positive psychology test

✓ Successfully pass an oral coaching exam demonstrating the ICF core competencies

CPEC Cancelation Policy

We understand that sometimes plans change. Because this is a limited-size certification course, your registration reserves your space in the class. Therefore, cancellation of your registration may prevent others from registering because a spot is being held in good faith for you. Please see our CPEC program cancellation policy below.

Payments in Full

If you cancel at least 30 days prior to the orientation date, you will receive a full refund less a $100 administrative cancellation fee. Cancellations received after the orientation date will not be eligible for any refund, but are eligible to transfer. You may transfer your registration to the next class for a transfer fee of $100.00. We offer two CPEC training start dates, January and July. If you are unable to attend a future training within (365 days) one year of the original registration date, your registration will expire, and no refund will be available. You will be allowed to re-enroll at a future date at a discounted rate of 50% of the current normal registration fee at the time of re-enrollment. Once you begin the CPEC program, you will have until January 31st or July 31st (depending on the session) to transfer to the next CPEC course. If you request to transfer after the transfer deadline mentioned above, there is a $250 transfer fee.

Payment Plan

If you cancel 30 days prior to the orientation date, you will receive a full refund less a $100 administrative cancellation fee. There are no refunds for cancellations made after the orientation date for the payment plan option.