Coaching Programs Overview

From neurosurgeons to academic advisors to lawyers, we’ve trained thousands of individuals that have used the power of coaching to transform their personal and professional lives.

Step 1:

Begin your coaching journey with the Coach Training Intensive.

Spend three life-changing days learning to transform lives, create breakthroughs, and leave your mark on the world.
The Coach Training Intensive is for anyone who wants…

No industry or profession is off-limits!

Step 2:

Take the next step with the Certified Personal and Executive Coach training program.

CPEC is for anyone who…

Certification sets you apart from the crowd and distinguish you as a highly trained, skillful coach. With CPEC, you will demonstrate that you have mastered rigorous competencies set in place by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Step 3:

Hone your skills with the Mentor Coaching Experience.

The Mentor Coaching Experience (MCE) is reserved for CaPP Graduates looking to hone their skills and dive deeper into the field of coaching.
We recommend participating in MCE while you are enrolled in our six-month Certified Personal and Executive Coach (CPEC) Training program or upon completion on CPEC. The Coach Training Intensive (CTI) is a pre-requisite to both CPEC and MCE.

Advanced Professional
Coach Program

Coming Soon

Master your craft with the Advanced Professional Coach Program

Exciting News! The CaPP Institute will soon launch an advanced coaching program, one-of-a-kind evidence-based education designed for certified coaches who want to master and maximize the research and science behind WHY coaching works, and have the know-how to translate that into practical coaching techniques that accelerate results and elevate the well-being and success of their clients.

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