Coaching Spotlight: Sesha Yalamanchili

Certified Personal and Executive Coach, President of On the Mark Consulting, Former Tech VP for a major bank

Why would an engineering and innovation guru decide to transition to a career as a coach empowering leaders and inspiring teams?

It started with a love of learning. Sesha Yalamanchili is a Certified Personal and Executive Coach (CPEC) through the CaPP Institute and holds a coaching credential from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She says coaching combined her love of learning and love of people to create an ideal career that allows her to develop leaders, inspire teams and support individuals in achieving their potential.

Now president of On the Mark Consulting, Sesha has turned her dream into reality. Despite her education as a mechanical engineer, Sesha’s career crossed multiple disciplines, including technology innovation, sales and marketing, and diversity and inclusion.

It was her love of learning and openness to diverse experiences that led to the discovery of her passion for helping others develop their potential, and landed her at the CaPP Institute’s Coach Training Intensive (CTI) in 2019.

“The word “intensive” explained just how much of a leap forward I was able to experience in just two days,” Sesha says. With the Coach Training Intensive behind her, she took the next step and enrolled in certification.

“I had made my decision that I wanted to go all the way through. It was only solidified after that [Coach Training Intensive] weekend and the energy around it. The starting point was being there with this whole community that I would be on this learning journey with.

With a background as an engineer, Sesha applies the art of reverse engineering to coaching. She is inquisitive and curious, asking powerful questions so others can arrive at the insight they need. “My own experience is that intentionality of reframing and thinking about things in a different way,” she explains. “And it’s all the same things we bring to coaching sessions.”

After earning her CPEC designation from the CaPP Institute, Sesha used her training and client hours to earn her coaching credential from the ICF, the largest professional body of coaches in the world.

“Being in an ICF certified program like CPEC, I could see the alignment was very strong to ICF, yet the differentiation of being a positive psychology focus was all there,” she says. You can hear more about Sesha and her coaching journey here.

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