Coaching Spotlight: Stephanie Weichert

Stephanie Weichert is a Certified Personal and Executive Coach at her firm Weichert Consulting, Coaching and Training, and a Program Manager for Pathways2Solutions. 

How did an unexpected conversation at a gym change Stephanie Weichert’s path in life?

After spending most of her career in marketing and development, Stephanie Weichert became interested in coaching around 2011.

She, along with her husband, Ken, were health and fitness columnists for The Army National Guard, and along with that came speaking opportunities.

While her husband Ken was deployed for a year as an Army National Guard soldier, Stephanie took over his fitness program.

“In that year, I got interested in how to help people not just lose weight, but make sure they sustained change in their life.”

While working out in the gym one day, Stephanie approached an older woman to offer help with her technique. The woman’s husband approached her and asked who she was and what were the credentials behind her name to help his wife.

As Stephanie drove away from that interaction, she began to think about her credentials and was inspired to work with people on a deeper level.

When she told her husband she was thinking of becoming a life coach, he mentioned a program at the University of Pennsylvania. It just so happened one of the trainers was CaPP Institute Founder and CEO, Valorie Burton. Stephanie then signed up for The CaPP Institute’s Coach Training Intensive (CTI) in 2012, and went on to obtain her ICF credential.

She completed several other programs, wrote her first book, then went back to school for her MBA.

“At this point I’m writing, I’m helping my husband with a life coaching piece- a suicide prevention program. I’m getting to take all of these different things, things that I’ve learned, but also things that I’ve gained along the way over the last 10 years to now write my own curriculum. So I’m not just writing or using somebody else’s prepackaged program, but I’m writing my own.”

In addition to writing curriculum for the upcoming course, working her full-time marketing job for Veterans Affairs and working through her content for her second book, Stephanie continues to do one-on-one life coaching.

In her practice, she works with her clients on goal setting, vision casting and moving the fear aside in order to promote a wholehearted lifestyle to feel a greater sense of purpose and (for business owners) grow their business.

“Ten years ago, I don’t know that I would have found or even understood how coaching might be used inside of the non-coaching environment, but I do now,” she said. “Coaching can be so useful nearly every time you’re dealing with difficult situations, when you’re trying to get to the heart of what it is that you’re really after. The actual fundamentals of coaching are well utilized in many different aspects of life.”

Stephanie said she hopes to inspire other people to take that next step towards something they want to do.

“Even if it’s a baby step toward your dream, all it takes is one little step in the right direction. You can accomplish amazing things if you’ll just begin with the beginning and keep on truckin’. I think when God works with your little he can make a lot out of it. He can make it something that you never intended.”

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