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Spring Training: (Registration CLOSED)

Thank you for your interest in the Coach Training Intensive. We have reached maximum capacity for our spring training. We encourage you to join us for our next training June 16-18, in Phoenix, AZ (click here).  Our Fall Coach Training Intensive is tentatively scheduled for November 3-5, in the Atlanta, GA area (waiting list). We look forward to the opportunity of serving you at one of our future trainings.

CTI and CPEC Combo

Register for the in-person 3-Day Coach Training Intensive and 6-month online Certified Personal and Executive Coaching (CPEC) Program together and save money through our combo package. CPEC is our coaching certification program for graduates of CTI.

Registration CLOSED

3-Day Coach Training Intensive

The Coach Training Intensive includes two days of coaching and positive psychology training and a third day Business Development Workshop to create your plan to grow highly profitable business.

Registration CLOSED

2-Day Coach Training Intensive

The 2-day Coach Training Intensive option includes two days of training without the powerful Business Development Workshop for those who want to grow highly profitable business.

Registration CLOSED

Business Development Workshop

The Business Development Day is held on Monday,  the third-day, of the Coach Training Intensive. This day will focus on creating your personalized plan a highly profitable business.

Registration CLOSED