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Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike many coach training programs, CTI is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the world’s governing body for coaching. Also, many coaches are unable to consistently help clients generate tangible results and achieve their goals, or have not maximized their efforts to attract clients. At the CaPP Institute, we not only provide exceptional training rooted in our scientifically proven model that guarantees you will see results with your clients, you will also learn the business development skills that will help you stand out in your efforts to attract clientele. You will learn powerful core skills that will enable you to establish a stronger foundation on which to coach at a higher level.
Yes! Upon completion of CTI, you will be eligible to join our six-month CPEC program where you will continue to hone your skills and receive certification at the end.

Yes! Those attending the training will receive 16 coaching education hours. Upon completion of the training, participants will receive the necessary documentation to receive credit. All credits are approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and should be used in combination with the hours from the CPEC program to be able to apply for the ICF ACC Credential through their application process. 

Yes! We can accommodate groups of any size.
The Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute is a division of Inspire, Inc., the personal development company founded by Valorie Burton in 2001. The CaPP Institute provides research-based training and development services that enable optimal functioning in life and work. In addition to coach training, the CaPP Institute provides highly-tailored corporate training programs and tools to enhance resilience, productivity, work-life harmony, coaching and communication within organizations.
Coaching is an emerging profession that has the power to help people transform their personal and professional lives. At the CaPP Institute, we believe that the best coaches, whether in sports, business or life, possess key skills and insights that enable them to help their clients, team members, and others more consistently achieve their objectives. This virtual coach training weekend is aimed at equipping established and aspiring coaches with the educational and foundational tools to be exceptionally effective coaches, whether in your own practice or in a corporate setting as you lead and develop your team
Are you ready to take your coaching skills to the next level? Do you want to be effective every single time you coach? Do you value evidence-based training that is rooted in research and tried-and-true methods? Do you want to understand the specific techniques that will accelerate a client’s progress and your bottom line? If so, don’t miss this event! You will walk away with a certificate in personal development coaching and the core skills necessary to excel at helping others grow and achieve success in both work and life.
This is an intense, “Intensive.” It is three jam-packed days worth of amazing information, coaching demos, and materials you’ll use for years to come. Be prepared to learn!

In this current environment, we have the ability to support your goal of learning to coach effectively by connecting you virtually for the Coach Training Intensive.

The CaPP Institute is fully equipped to provide you with an unparalleled online training experience without you having to travel. While we have conducted CTI for a decade in person, our Certified Personal and Executive Coach program is now in its 10th year and has always been conducted virtually. We are confident we will be able to deliver the same outstanding results in an online CTI group training environment.Using the Zoom platform, you will experience all elements of our training curriculum, including:

  • Live coaching modules with three, highly experienced coach trainers: Valorie Burton, LaFern Batie, and Kimberly DuBrul, each bringing more than 15 years of coaching experience, passion, and enthusiasm for training and developing great coaches.
  • Laser coaching demos that allow you to watch highly-effective coaching and learn in real-time
  • Coaching Labs in which you will coach, be coached, and observe coaching in small group breakout sessions
  • Live Q&A throughout the CTI Online Weekend
Many coaches are unable to consistently help clients generate tangible results and achieve their goals, or have not maximized their efforts to attract clients. In either case, Coach Training Intensive is for you. You will learn powerful core skills that will enable you to establish a stronger foundation on which to coach at a higher level. The curriculum teaches critical, key techniques in an accelerated learning environment.
Many of our Coach Training Intensive (CTI) participants further their training through our Certified Personal and Executive Coaching program (CPEC), a six-month program taught via live online webinars and teleclasses. You must complete the Coach Training Intensive (CTI) as the first step through our certification process before enrolling in our 6-month CPEC program. You can save by registering for CPEC at the same time you register for CTI through our special discount bundle, “CTI & CPEC Combo” in our online store.

Our goal is to host more people like you – motivated, purposeful, intelligent professionals who are inspired by the idea of helping others reach their potential.

When you refer an individual to the Coach Training Intensive (CTI) or the Certified Personal and Executive Coach (CPEC) program, upon their completion we’ll send you a *referral bonus – $100 per CTI registrant and $150 per CPEC registrant.

Step 1:  All you need to do is send them this link to register:
Step 2: Tell them to put your name and additional info in the referral section when they register (they will be prompted after checkout on the thank you page).


*To receive your referral bonus, please follow up with The CaPP Institute within 1-year of the graduation of the registrant(s) you referred.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

Yes. Payments in full are accepted by check. Installment payments may not be made by check. All checks must be received no later than 14 days prior to the start of the event, at our administrative address at:

Inspire, Inc. Billing and Payments

1227 N. Peachtree Pkwy, #166

Peachtree City, GA  30269

Yes. You can pay via PayPal please contact

  • Coach-specific training hours approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF).
  • Key knowledge from applied positive psychology and the insight to use positive psychology tools to create a more powerful coaching experience.
  • The CaPP Institute’s in-depth and information-packed training manual that you’ll take with you and use for years to come as you coach others to their potential
  • The CaPP Institute’s in-depth Business Development training manual, which will become your blueprint for launching or re-launching your coaching practice. We will guide you through all of the key steps to building a successful practice on day three of CTI. (If you are coaching within an organization and will not be launching a business, you can register for just the first two days of CTI!)
  • Downloadable and hard copies of Valorie Burton’s actual coaching forms, welcome letters, coaching agreements, policies and procedures, checklists and cheat seats to help you get started right away without the hassle of trying to reinvent the wheel. This “swipe copy” will save you hours of time you would otherwise have to dedicate to writing the content of your onboarding materials. We share our tools and you can simply edit and adjust them to meet your needs!
  • A certificate in personal development coaching.

Market Value for a 3-Day Training: $2,995
Our Cost for a 3-Day Training: $1,495
Register early and earn the discount. Guarantee your seat in this limited-space course! The Coach Training Intensive includes two full days of coaching and positive psychology training plus a third-day focused on business development. Payment plan options available at checkout. Payment plan options not eligible for discount.

Market Value for a 2-Day Training: $1,995
Our Cost for a 2-Day Training: $1,195
Register early and earn the discount. Guarantee your seat in this limited-space course! This Coach Training Intensive option includes two full days of coaching and positive psychology training. Payment plan options available at checkout. Payment plan options not eligible for discount.

Payment Plan Policy:
If you miss a payment due to an expired, lost, stolen, or defective credit card, please contact us immediately. Your seat is being held in good faith under the terms that you pay the full amount by the start of the training. If you are unable to finish your payment, you will receive a 75% refund of the amount paid. Due to the high volume of registration, we DO NOT customize payment plan options.

We understand that sometimes plans change. Because this is a limited-size training course, your registration reserves your space in the class. Therefore, cancellation of your registration may prevent others from registering because a spot is being held in good faith for you. If you cancel 30 days prior to the event, you will receive a full refund less a $100 administrative cancellation fee. If you wish to transfer and provide 30 days notice prior to the start of the event, you may transfer the registration to the next class for a transfer fee of $100. If you wish to transfer within the 30 day period, there is a transfer fee of $100. We offer multiple trainings each year, and If you are unable to attend a future training within one year of the original registration date, your registration will expire and no refund will be available.

CTI is your first step
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The Coach Training Intensive is for anyone who wants…
From neurosurgeons to academic advisors to lawyers, we’ve trained thousands of individuals that have used the power of coaching to transform their personal and professional lives.
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Derek’s Story

“A lot of physicians don’t have a good support network,” he said. “There is a lot of burnout amongst physicians, different challenges and understanding the next steps in their career. There’s been changes in medicine and an increased focus on physician wellness. I decided to look into coaching for that reason, to help other physicians who may have communication challenges or are dealing with stress and burnout.”

What Derek liked about the Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute was the idea of scientific-based coaching rooted in positive psychology and its ability to help others. He also mentioned that the CaPP Institute is where he learned the importance of powerful questions.

“The clients have the answers, you just have to help them get them out of themselves,” he said.

Derek developed a program for new physicians (residents in training) that focuses on communication, professionalism, and interpersonal skills, which help them with bedside manner before they are in practice. He also gives a presentation to medical staff with a focus on helping them develop their emotional intelligence.

Marisel's Story

Her coaching journey began in 2012 when she was hired by Arizona State University to create their First Year Success Center.

“They really wanted to create a way to provide personalized support and help to students, particularly as freshmen, to feel like there was somebody there who would support them through their journey and they gave me that charge,” she said.

The university-wide initiative began with 30 part-time peer coaches and four staff, and within the first five years, grew to 100 staff and 80 coaches.

“I feel like Valorie and her work has been a part of my journey since the very beginning of creating the center,” Marisel said.

Through Marisel’s work, ASU has become a national model of retention for education. She now spends much of her time traveling to other institutions teaching them her unique coaching framework for use in higher education and helping them create similar coaching centers.

In 2020, Marisel decided to go out on her own into full time consulting.

Robin’s Story

After years as a Licensed Professional Counselor, author and speaker Robin May decided to expand her skillset to include coaching because she saw the need among a subset of her clients who were mentally healthy and functioning but needed help getting unstuck and achieving important goals.

“Why did I decide to coach? Because counseling comes, in some ways from a medical standpoint, from a place of dysfunction. So I found that I was talking to people who didn’t even have a diagnosis. I couldn’t even officially diagnose them with anything because there wasn’t a dysfunction. There problem was a roadblock, not a dysfunction. I thought, ‘Some of the skills I am using could actually be pulling them backwards because I was coming from a mindset of ‘let me heal this place,’’ instead of a mindset of helping them identify roadblocks to work around them.”

“What coaching has done for me and what I have done for my clients is help them tap into potential that has been lying dormant,” she explains.

Eujin’s Story

How did a former chemist who completed seminary use coaching in his role in organizational development and leadership?

Eujin Ahn is currently the Senior Learning and Development Manager at One Medical where he assists with professional development for the company of over 3,000 employees. His primary function is meeting with leaders and frontline team members to coach them in leadership coaching and career development.

Eujin found the CaPP Institute during his research. After he completed the CPEC program in Feb. 2022, he immediately began incorporating coaching in his one-on-one conversations with leaders. He is actively pursuing his ACC certification with the International Coaching Federation.

“I use coaching in almost every interaction I have,” he said. “It’s just such a powerful tool and experience. Going through CTI/CPEC has been so instrumental for me doing that as a facilitator and coach. It’s such an underutilized skill and capability that everyone has. I feel like coaching has taken mine to the next level where people are surprised, I’m actually listening to what they have to say.”

Before he began coaching, Eujin said he believed people wanted to talk to him as a subject matter expert. But after, he believes they are the subject matter expert, and he asks questions to draw out what it is they already know. He empowers them to take action with what they already have within them.

“There’s definitely a lot more I feel like can be used and leveraged for I will definitely use the coaching. There are so many other things I have and want to do.”

Chris Berry’s Story

“What’s possible? Well, just about anything when you set your mind to it,” Chris Berry says as he reflects on what he has learned in launching a successful coaching practice.

As a personal coach, Chris connects with clients by creating clarity and providing a safe space to discover Purpose and Direction. His personal passion is serving those in career and life transition. It is a passion born of his personal experiences with company reorganizations and layoffs, feeling stuck in an unfulfilling career, and “being blessed in the union of a blended family.”

His business not only includes coaching, but speaking and facilitation for organizations around the country. In addition to being a Certified Personal and Executive Coach, he holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Information Systems from Tennessee State University and a MBA from Belmont University.

Dr. Heatley’s Story

“As a Lead Pastor, I feel that coaching is another way to create and cultivate an environment for people to thrive by helping them to discover their passion and purpose, says Taft Quincey Heatley. As a coach I am called to help draw out what I believe God has placed within them already.”

Taft Quincey Heatley was a successful Wall Street analyst with a major financial firm when he felt pulled towards a career of service. With a mathematics degree from Morehouse and investment experience under his belt, he left his thriving career to go back to school at Princeton Theological Seminary. His goal? Following his calling. It is a path that has led him to write two books (The Pandemic Pastor and God is the Goal) and pastor churches in Atlanta and now Alexandria, VA, earning a Doctor of Divinity degree from Emory University along the way.

But a man who loves learning and follows God is always seeking direction for growth and more opportunity to serve others. Coaching is that opportunity for Dr. Heatley – and the reason he enrolled in the Coach Training Intensive and the Certified Personal and Executive Coach program in 2022. He sees it as a way to practically apply spiritual principles to everyday life and business, helping others get unstuck, discover their God-given purpose and push through their fears and obstacles to live it.

Tahira’s Story

“I didn’t know anything about coaching at the time, I was just mentoring the girls and then that evolved into a girls group that I started running after school,” she said. “I just let them bring whatever topics they had, whatever issues were coming up in their lives that they wanted to sort through and we just started having these conversations.”

After leaving the classroom setting, Tahira began working with girls at a youth center in grades 7-9 that had aged out of the offerings that the center had for kids. She founded Teen Girl Impact, a coaching company to help teens develop strategies to tackle the challenges of life with confidence as they transition into adulthood.

“I felt like I was missing something in terms of how to be a coach. That’s what I loved about the work I did in [CPEC]. That’s when I built my own confidence as a coach,” she said.

“The beauty of bringing coaching the way I learned in CPEC is that it really allows an opportunity to examine yourself and become self aware of your own thoughts and actions, specifically as it affects the students you come in contact with,” she said.

She is currently working with schools in New York and has another project starting in Boston soon. Based in the Atlanta area, Tahira continues pitching to schools there as well.

“Ever since I was a teacher, it’s been really important to me to help girls, especially those who are high achieving and seem like they have it all together, but are struggling inside. I really like this opportunity as their coach to help them build that confidence and courage to step into their own vision for their lives.”

Pam’s Story

After a 36-year nursing career, she now works with other nurses to help them be their best as leaders.

Pam is an international speaker, author, and certified Compassion Fatigue Professional. She is an expert in resiliency practices and shares that expertise with individuals and teams to promote a flourishing, compassionate work culture.

“I found out I couldn’t do everything and that was something that I had to come to realize,” she said. “Reading Valorie’s book and going through the Coach Training Intensive not only helped me to start my own coaching business, but it helped me look within myself. It was an internal working group, as well as an external coaching exercise.”

After spending time doing individual coaching, Pam took a position with Inspired Nurse Leaders, a company focused on helping nurse leaders become their best.

She didn’t think that at her age she would move back into a full-time position, but she now says this is her legacy work.

“All nurses are tired right now. If we can share our positive intent and our hopefulness with them, and let them know what their strengths are and how they can use those strengths in their daily lives, then they are going to be at their best.”

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