Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is the scientific study of what happens when things go right in life – and sheds light on what enables happiness, engagement, achievement, meaning, resilience, strengths, courage and optimism.

The term “positive psychology” emerged in 1998 when Dr. Martin Seligman,  then-president of the American Psychological Association, challenged psychology researchers to study not just mental illness, but mental health, the elements that must be present in order for people to thrive. Dr. Seligman, a renowned researcher and long-time professor at the University of Pennsylvania, sparked a revolution in psychology which continues to grow, with researchers around the globe producing groundbreaking research with important implications for the business world as well as individuals.

Seminar Topics

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Resilient and Ready

One of the most important skills in today’s marketplace is the ability to adapt to change and thrive despite the challenges that come your way.  This popular and life-changing program empowers individuals to develop the knowledge and skill set to deal effectively with change adversity and challenges at work and in everyday life. Using practical hands-on learning methods and proven techniques, participants walk away with a specific set of tools to navigate stress, difficult conversations, and important goals with confidence and ease.


Work-Life Balance

Research shows that happy employees are healthier, more productive, and have a positive effect on their co-workers. This session will help emerging leaders create a vision and plan to lead a well balanced life and set personal goals that renew their energy and ultimately empower them to be more effective at work.


Power of Positive Leadership

This session will give emerging leaders a foundation of leadership development, including the power of leveraging strengths, fostering teamwork, effecting change, and leading with vision and purpose.


Successful People Think Differently

(can be modified for women’s conferences)

Successful people think differently. They make decisions differently. They set goals differently. They bounce back from failure and adversity differently. They tap into their innate strengths differently. They look at life differently. They have a different set of thought processes and a foundation that empowers them to produce the results they want in every area of life.