Resilience Training

“If success is the goal, RESILIENCE is a requirement.”
– Valorie Burton

Resilience is your ability to navigate obstacles and opportunities, bounce back from setbacks and persevere until you get to the results you’ve aimed for.  Research shows it is a specific set of skills that create the mental agility to grow and succeed in the face of challenges and change.

The Problem

What could you achieve if you had the skills to overcome any setback, doubt, or challenge that comes your way? And what could your organization achieve if every person had the skill set to navigate challenges, achieve results and adapt to change?

Succeeding today is more challenging than ever. We live and work in an environment of constant change, endless distractions and increasing expectations for performance and productivity.  Resilience is the key differentiator between those who succeed and those who don’t.

We all know that every organization needs two types of capital: Financial capital and human capital – money, and people. But there is one essential type of capital that most companies don’t even consider: Psychological capital. In a nutshell, when an organization has high psychological capital, their people are resilient. They adapt to change. They are productive. They are creative. They work together and leverage their individual strengths for the greater good. They have clarity of vision and the mental toughness to persist until the vision comes to fruition.

But most companies don’t have a program to intentionally build the resilience of their employees. That’s where we come in.

Our Solution

The great news is this: Resilience is a skill that can be learned. And even for those who are already fairly resilient, resilience can still be strengthened.  Our Resilience Training Intensive (RTI) teaches a set of evidence-based skills that equip individuals with the tools to conquer challenges, seize opportunities and thrive in work and life.

Research consistently shows that resilient people think differently. But how? We have identified five, research-based RESILIENCE competencies that can be mastered that will increase effectiveness, productivity, and personal well-being.  As these five competencies are learned, they can be put to work right away to:

  • Embrace and navigate change

  • Perform under pressure

  • Manage challenging relationships

  • Lead and inspire others

  • Have difficult conversations

  • Maintain confidence in the face of doubt

Next Steps

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