SPRING TRAINING:  April 4-6, 2020
LOCATION:  Peachtree City 
(Just minutes south of Atlanta)
The First Step of Your Coaching Journey
(pre-requisite training for CPEC)
   The CaPP Institute's™ Coach Training Intensive (CTI) is step one of a two-step process toward becoming a certified coach.  CTI encompasses nine rich training modules rooted in positive psychology research and theory that allow for powerful coaching sessions.  You will quickly develop the confidence and knowledge to coach clients and team members to meaningful results that facilitate change, “aha” moments, and create accountability. 

   This is the first step to you making coaching a reality for yourself. Whether it's the joy you feel from the transformation of your clients, or the freedom of being your own boss and creating the schedule that works best for you, it all starts here. 

   Not only do we give you a unique PROVEN coaching model (that you can't find anywhere else because we created it), but we include the guidance, tools, and resources to turn that into a thriving business. You will also:
  • Earn a Certificate in Personal Development Coaching acquiring 16 to 22 Continuing Coaching Education (CCE) credits.
  • Actively coach individuals during our live coaching labs using the CaPP Institute’s™ coaching model.
  •  Eliminate anxiety about how to facilitate and guide your coaching sessions.
  •  Design your personalized Business Development Plan to launch or re-launch your business.
  •  Connect with an amazing group of like-minded professional who share your passion for coaching, learning, excellence and serving the world.
   The fear of whether you are making the right choice will never go away. So instead, look fear in the face and take the step. Spend three life-changing days learning powerful skills to transform lives and create breakthroughs. Become one of the thousands of coaches that have also taken the leap and never looked back.  By the end of the training, you will receive ICF Accredited Coach-Specific Training Hours. Whether you are a full-time coach, leader, manager, psychologist or counselor, educator, consultant or a professional seeking a new skill set, this is the program for you.
Your Coaching Journey Continued
(must complete CTI before enrolling)
   The Certified Personal and Executive Coach (CPEC) Program is step two of our two-part certification program. This 6-month course is a comprehensive preparation for personal and executive coaches. The program is delivered weekly via live virtual classes. You will be equipped with tools and knowledge to effectively run a coaching practice-whether in an organization or as a business owner. You will learn how to coach powerfully and effectively in a supportive, engaging learning environment. During the CPEC course, you will:
  • Master the art of effective coaching through 45+ hours of coach-specific coursework delivered via live, interactive webinars in just 6 months.
  • Demonstrate foundational knowledge of key positive psychology concepts.
  •  Exhibit key understanding of business development concepts and practices.
  •  Successfully demonstrate mastery of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Core Coaching Competencies via submission of a recorded coaching session.
  •  Accumulate a minimum of 50 client coaching hours.
  •  Acquire a minimum of two positive references from clients or colleagues.
   You must complete the pre-requisite CTI course before enrolling in the 6-month CPEC program.  More information about the upcoming 6-month CPEC program will be shared during CTI.  Save over $250 on your registration when you bundle CTI and CPEC together.
Is Coaching For Me?
Do you love inspiring and equipping people to reach their goals?
Do you sometimes think, "I've been coaching all my life, I should get paid for it?"
Do you want to leverage your years of professional experience in a way that makes an impact?
Are you intrigued by the idea of coaching, but still trying to figure out how to be highly effective at it?
Did you answer “YES” to any or all of these coaching questions?
Then register below for the upcoming Coach Training Intensive.
Pricing Information
CTI & CPEC Combo
The combo package includes the 3-Day Intensive and the 6-month online CPEC program together at a discounted rate!
Combo Discount:  $4,295
Regular Price:  $4,785
3-Day Intensive
The Coach Training Intensive includes two full days of coaching and positive psychology training plus a third-day focused on business development. 
Discount Price: $1,295
Regular Price: $1,495
2-Day Intensive
This Coach Training Intensive includes two full days of coaching and positive psychology training. 
Discount Price: $995
Regular Price: $1,195
Payment Plan Options
3-Day Intensive Payment Plan
When registration opens, take advantage of our 5-month payment plan. Start with your deposit and your remaining  payment will be charged equally in 30 days. 
Charged Today: $299.00
4 additional payments
2-Day Intensive Payment Plan
When registration opens, take advantage of our 5-month payment plan. Start with your deposit and your remaining payment will be charged equally in 30 days. 
Charged Today: $239.00
4 additional payments
Are you CaPP™ Alumni?  Take advantage of our Special Alumni Rate!
Location & Schedule
Training Schedule:
  • Day 1: Saturday, April 4 -
  • ​8 am to 6 pm
  • Day 2: Sunday, April 5 -
  • ​8 am to 4:30 pm 
  • Day 3: Monday, April 6 -
  • ​8 am-4 pm
A Few Words From Our Graduates
“The CaPP Institute’s ACERA coaching model is so powerful, we use it in our coaching program at the nation’s largest public university, Arizona State University. In more than 5,000 coaching sessions per semester, our 80 peer coaches are getting amazing results that increase student retention and success among first year students.”

Marisel Herrera
M.Ed. Director, Arizona State University, First-Year Success Center, CaPP Institute Graduate
“I received my coaching certification from the CaPP Institute™. Do I recommend it? 100%! Is it challenging? 100%! Is it worth it? I exceeded the cost of my tuition in earnings before I even graduated. The research-based techniques I learned, the confidence I gained, and business development components were a winning combination. Valorie Burton’s organization delivers with excellence, integrity, and deep commitment to helping people reach their potential.”

Genette Howard
Author & Co-Pastor
“I’ve been through a coach training [program] already and it was exciting to be here this weekend because it will help me take my coaching to a higher level. I enjoyed every moment of it.”

Rhea Gordon
Ph.D Psychologist
“I came all the way from England and it was really worth coming. I immensely enjoyed this training. I’ve already worked as a coach and as a counselor, but this one was about the aspect of positive psychology which I really enjoyed.”

Brigitte Niblet
Business Executive, London U.K.
“My weekend at the Coach Training Intensive was awesome! This was my second time coming and I would still come back.”

Mary Jane Tabler
CEO, Thomas Scott Salons
“If you’re interested in coaching, come to the Coach Training Intensive. It was a powerful weekend.”

Dr. Quienton L. Nichols
Pastor and Clinical Therapist
Topics and Learning Modules
Module 1: Mindful Listening
You will begin training by gaining a strong foundational understanding of the THREE CRITICAL SKILLS necessary for an effective coaching session that gets results. Begin with these and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a highly-effective, sought-after coach. These are the skills that many coaches miss early on and as a result, they struggle to help clients get the results they need. We begin our training on a powerful note, establishing a strong foundation for your growth as a developer of people and conduit for success.
Module 2: The Structure of a Coaching Session
We demystify the process of a powerful coaching session by giving you a structure you will use to conduct each and every session. This simple, yet powerful method will act as an invisible hand in each coaching session, guiding your communication and creating a safe, strong space for your client to get clarity, solutions and move to action to see real results immediately. This one module has transformed the results of even the most highly experienced coaches who have come to us for training. For brand new coaches, it means a strong foundation on which to build your coaching expertise.
Module 3: Direct Communication
The most successful coaches are brilliant and courageous communicators who build trust with clients and help them break through blocks. We teach you the 8 distinctive listening traits that will give you key information that shapes the powerful questions essential to any transformative coaching conversation. You will learn 7 consistent behaviors that build trust and perhaps most importantly, we will share the one, irrefutable habit every successful coach practices without fail – and it is the habit that invokes fear in every coach and is most likely to sabotage your success as a coach. We’ll show you how to overcome that fear so you can break through to a level of coaching that most never attain.
Module 4: Coaching for Resilience
At the heart of the necessity for coaching is a need for resilience in the face of life’s biggest opportunities and challenges. When faced with an opportunity, will you step up or sit back? When faced with a setback, will you get up or give up? Successful people think differently. They have a level of psychological toughness and resilience that enables them to see a vision and seize, persevere, make adjustments and build supportive, reciprocal relationships that enhance their biggest dreams and goals. But how exactly do they think differently? In this module, you will learn to build the unique kind of self-awareness that dramatically increases resilience – and you will learn the THREE CRITICAL PIECES OF INFORMATION that are foundational for building resilience. We will deconstruct the steps to “think differently” and show you how to apply those steps at pivotal moments in a coaching session.
Module 5: The Elements of Well-Being
This model is your introduction to applied positive psychology. You will learn the research-based six elements of well-being and how they will boost your and your clients’ ability to overcome challenges, reach goals faster and build higher levels of happiness. You’ll learn the reason why positive psychology is a superb underpinning for your work as a coach – empowering you to transform your own life while simultaneously equipping you to help others transform theirs. Extracting the most relevant research about productivity, happiness, and well-being, we help you understand key principles that will help you coach your clients with the background knowledge that will distinguish you as a coach.
Module 6: Character Strengths in Action
You will learn the six categories of universally-celebrated strengths, identify your own signature strengths and how you can leverage them to pinpoint and fulfill your unique purpose. And we will show you the keys to identifying strengths in others and using them to help clients create unique solutions that accelerate their results.
Module 7: Cultivating Happiness & Positive Emotion
It has been said that happiness is the one thing we pursue for its own sake. Everything else in life – whether relationships or career or money – we pursue because we believe it will make us happy. But there is another benefit to happiness – positive emotion dramatically increases your chances for success. In Module 7, Cultivating Happiness, coaches learn the research behind what builds authentic happiness and how you can create more of it in your own life and help clients cultivate it intentionally.
Module 8: Action and Accountability
What makes coaching work is that it moves a person to action. Forward movement and the added accountability of a skilled coach is a powerful combination. You will learn the key phrases, TOOLS, and insights to inspire action and create the consistent accountability that makes you a tremendously valuable asset to any client.
Module 9: Business Development Day
(included only with the 3-day registration)
It is essential to have strong coaching skills, but it is also important to have a plan in place to land great clients consistently. At the CaPP Institute, we teach you to do that. The entire third day of the Coach Training Intensive is a powerful, interactive business development workshop in which you will create a proven tactical, strategic plan of action for building your coaching practice. We will guide you step by step using the five building blocks of business development and leaving no questions unanswered. You will walk away with a written plan and the inspiration and tools to implement it.
CTI: Frequently Asked Questions
What is the cost of The Coach Training Intensive?
Market Value for a 3-Day Training: $2,995
Our Cost for a 3-Day Training: $1,495

Register early and earn the discount. Guarantee your seat in this limited-space course! The Coach Training Intensive includes two full days of coaching and positive psychology training plus a third-day focused on business development. Payment plan optins available at checkout. 

Market Value for a 2-Day Training: $1,995
Our Cost for a 2-Day Training: $1,195

Register early and earn the discount. Guarantee your seat in this limited-space course! This Coach Training Intensive option includes two full days of coaching and positive psychology training. Payment plan options available at checkout

Payment Plan Policy: 
If you miss a payment due to an expired, lost, stolen, or defective credit card, please contact us immediately. Your seat is being held in good faith under the terms that you pay the full amount by the start of the training. If you are unable to finish your payment, you will receive a 75% refund of the amount paid. Due to the high volume of registration, we DO NOT customize payment plan options. 
What is included in the cost of the Coach Training Intensive?
– 22 hours of in-person coach-specific training (16 hours if you choose the two-day option) approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

– Key knowledge from applied positive psychology and the insight to use positive psychology tools to create a more powerful coaching experience.

– The CaPP Institute’s 200+ page information-packed packed workbook that you’ll take with you and use for years to come as you coach others to their potential

– The CaPP Institute’s 70+ page Business Development Workbook, which will become your blueprint for launching or re-launching your coaching practice. We will guide you through all of the key steps to building a successful practice on day three of CTI. (If you are coaching within an organization and will not be launching a business, you can register for just the first two days of CTI!)

– Downloadable and hard copies of Valorie Burton’s actual coaching forms, welcome letters, coaching agreements, policies and procedures, checklists and cheat seats to help you get started right away without the hassle of trying to reinvent the wheel. This “swipe copy” will save you hours of time you would otherwise have to dedicate to writing the content of your onboarding materials. We share our tools and you can simply edit and adjust them to meet your needs!

– A certificate in personal development coaching.
What will I learn?
- A proprietary coaching method that empowers you to confidently conduct truly powerful coaching sessions every time. 

- How to incorporate basic positive psychology-based principles into your coaching practice to enhance well-being and optimize client performance.

- Strategies to market your coaching practice effectively and profitably.

- How to attract and sustain a steady client base.
Who attends and what's new?
Our numerous graduates who hail from the U.S., Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, rave about the Coach Training Intensives. But, like any successful organization, we believe it is important to consistently find new ways to enhance our services to meet your needs. We have enhanced our pioneering coach training weekend by adding new material and additional insights into the program! This is a coach training program like no other. No other program combines the three key elements (coach training, research, and business development) to your success as a coach into one powerful training program the way we do. You will learn:

– Critical, advanced coaching skills quickly and effectively.

– The latest, relevant research in the pioneering academic field of applied positive psychology.

– Key business development skills to ensure you land every opportunity to be a highly effective and profitable coach.
How long will it take and what are the training hours?
The Coach Training Intensive is a 3-day program. There is a 2-day training option without the bonus Business Development Workshop. 

Day 1 Training: 8 am - 6 pm (Lunch and snacks included)
Day 2 Training: 8 am - 4:30 pm (Lunch and snacks included)
Day 3 Training: 8 am - 4 pm (Lunch and snacks included)

Program founder, Valorie Burton, says: “Through the accelerated teaching of a small number of core skills combined with live demonstrations of the techniques and immediately putting your newfound skills to work, you are able to learn techniques that you can use right away to transform your coaching. That is why I am passionate about this program. I have developed a proprietary program that will help you immediately so that you can advance your career, goals, and business now.”
What is the CaPP Institute?
The Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute is a division of Inspire, Inc., the personal development company founded by Valorie Burton in 2001. The CaPP Institute provides research-based training and development services that enable optimal functioning in life and work. In addition to coach training, the CaPP Institute provides highly-tailored corporate training programs and tools to enhance resilience, productivity, work-life harmony, coaching and communication within organizations.
What is coaching and the Coach Training Intensive (CTI)?
Coaching is an emerging profession that has the power to help people transform their personal and professional lives. At the CaPP Institute, we believe that the best coaches, whether in sports, business or life, possess key skills and insights that enable them to help their clients, team members, and others more consistently achieve their objectives. This coach training weekend is aimed at equipping established and aspiring coaches with the educational and foundational tools to be exceptionally effective coaches, whether in your own practice or in a corporate setting as you lead and develop your team. Are you ready to take your coaching skills to the next level? Do you want to be effective every single time you coach? Do you value evidence-based training that is rooted in research and tried-and-true methods? Do you want to understand the specific techniques that will accelerate a client’s progress and your bottom line? If so, don’t miss this event! You will walk away with a certificate in personal development coaching and the core skills necessary to excel at helping others grow and achieve success in both work and life. This is an intense, "Intensive." It is three jam-packed days worth of amazing information, coaching demos, and materials you'll use for the years to come. Be prepared to learn!
Why should I consider this training program if I’ve already been through a different coach training program?
Many coaches are unable to consistently help clients generate tangible results and achieve their goals, or have not maximized their efforts to attract clients. In either case, Coach Training Intensive is for you. You will learn powerful core skills that will enable you to establish a stronger foundation on which to coach at a higher level. The curriculum teaches critical, key techniques in an accelerated learning environment.
Is the Coach Training Intensive (CTI) approved for Continuing Coaching Education (CCEs) credits?
Yes. The International Coach Federation has approved the Coach Training Intensive for CCEs. Those attending the two-day training will receive 16 CCE units. Those attending the third day will receive six CCE units for a total of 22 hours. Upon completion of the training, participants will receive the necessary documentation to receive credit.
Who will conduct the training?
The course will be led by a team of experienced professional coaches and facilitators handpicked by founder and director of the CaPP Institute, Valorie Burton. 
What if I have to cancel my registration after I register?
We understand that sometimes plans change. Because this is a limited-size training course, your registration reserves your space in the class. Therefore, cancellation of your registration may prevent others from registering because a spot is being held in good faith for you. If you cancel 30 days prior to the event, you will receive a full refund less a $100 administrative cancellation fee. If you wish to transfer and provide 30 days notice prior to the start of the event, you may transfer the registration to the next class for a transfer fee of $75. If you wish to transfer inside the 30 day period, there is a transfer fee of $100. We offer two or three trainings per year, and If you are unable to attend a future training within one year of the original registration date, your registration will expire and no refund will be available.
Is there a special hotel rate?
Yes, we have negotiated a special rate for participants of $148 per night. Your special rate includes breakfast, lunch and snacks when you book your room at the hotel. It also covers round trip shuttle transportation to and from the airport when you call the hotel at least 72 hours in advance to alert them of your need for the shuttle service.

You can book your hotel room by calling the hotel and asking for The CaPP Institute Group.
May I pay by check?
Yes. All checks must be received no later than 14 days prior to the event, at our administrative address at:
Inspire, Inc. Billing and Payments
90F Glenda Trace, #303
Newnan, Georgia 30265
Installment payments may not be made by check, but must be made by credit or debit card here or by phone at (404) 592-5262 ext. 88.
What if I am Interested in the Certified Personal and Executive Coaching program (CPEC) offered by the CaPP Institute?
Many of our Coach Training Intensive (CTI) participants further their training through our Certified Personal and Executive Coaching program (CPEC), a six-month program taught via live online webinars and teleclasses. You must complete the Coach Training Intensive (CTI) as the first step to our two-part certification process before enrolling in our 6-month CPEC program. You can save by registering for CPEC at the same time you register for CTI through our special discount bundle, “CTI & CPEC Combo”. 
CaPP founder Valorie Burton and Program Coordinator Alexis Murray discuss the most
Frequently Asked Questions about the Coach Training Intensive.
If you have additional questions, email
Are you CaPP™ Alumni? Do you want to go through CTI and/or CPEC again?
Take advantage of our Special Alumni Rate!