Where Coaching Can Go Wrong

Engaging in a coaching session can be an uplifting and energizing experience, but we often fall short when it comes to holding ourselves accountable. Let’s talk about how to create accountability structures for the coaching experience to ensure results. 

Perhaps your coaching session usually goes like this: the coach asks you powerful questions, you have an insight, you create your goals and your plan, and then the coaching session is over, and you leave with renewed hope and optimism. You think: This time I am on a different path, and I’m going to get closer to my goals! But then, Monday turns into Tuesday, and the week goes on, and you find that you didn’t take action on your insight and your plans remain undone. Soon enough, it’s time for your next coaching session, and your coach opens by asking you, “How did that homework go?” You go quiet.

How are you going to admit that you just didn’t do that thing that you were so energized about previously? What happened?

What likely happened was that even though your goal might have been SMART enough, and your path was clear and actionable, when it comes to being accountable to yourself, it’s just not working for you. You may need to build in some new and different accountability structures to help hold you to your commitments.

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