You’re a Coach, Not an Advisor

Coaches have a special power through their training, and that is the ability to pose amazingly powerful questions, and listen deeply and intently to the response. I encourage all coaches to step fully into this power, because its opposite is commonplace – and that is when coaches offer advice.

Advice is a commodity. Advice can come from anywhere, and it’s free. Family members give advice. Friends give advice. Co-workers give advice. Your hairdresser and bartender give advice. Mass media gives advice. Don’t know what to do? Post it to your preferred social network and watch the advice come in – all for free.

And it’s often not that helpful.

Coaches, however, do not offer advice. They offer something much more valuable – they ask powerful questions, and then provide the space for the client to fully ponder, and consider, and hold it in their heart.

Powerful questions and space.

These are not commodities. These are not available everywhere you turn. And no, these are not free. Coaches – step into your power. Stop with the advice. Ask powerful questions instead. It’s worth far more.

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